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Download Opera Mini 5.1

Download Opera Mini 5.1 : New version of opera mini 5.1. Opera Mini is Smarter mobile browsing, Opera compression technology to reduce data costs by up to 90%. It’s can be reduce cost your internet browsing.
Opera is the smart choice for browsing on expensive wireless data plans. Using Opera Mini 5.1 to browse the Web with your mobile phone can save you money on your phone bills, by reducing your data usage substantially. Opera Mini uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing Web pages by up to 90%. On Opera Mobile, turning on Opera Turbo compresses data up to 80% or leave Opera Turbo off to get full Web site data, as you would on a PC.

download opera mini 5.1
download opera mini 5.1

What News in Opera Mini 5.1

Download Opera Mini 5.1 for Java phones is here, an update to breathe new life in to low memory and small screen phones!
This update gives a new skin to devices with low resolution screens, and Nokia series 40 phones with low memory. For these devices, the new skin improves memory usage and usability, reducing the frequency of “out of memory” issues encountered.
Who should download this update?
If your phone’s screen resolution is less than 200 pixels in either direction, or if you have a Nokia Series 40 phone with low memory (around 4MB or less), then you will receive the new skin. Opera Mini automatically selects the skin that’s right for you!
We’ve also added a keypad shortcut to switch to and from Mobile view (*0).
Download Link for Opera Mini 5.1
1. Download direct from phone – open
2. Download from PC – here

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